Wildlife Sunday!

I made three miles on Saturday to complete a 19 mile week.  I was supposed to only run 18 but misread my schedule and ran 4 miles on Wednesday instead of just 3.  Not a biggie.

This morning was another 6 mile jaunt through the neighborhood to start a 20 mile week.  I’m feeling pretty good and continue to tweak my diet to deal with the extra stresses I’m putting on my systems.  Some days are better than others but there seems to be a 3pm ‘wall’ to hurdle on a lot of days.  On Thursday I had to throw in the towel and take a nap – 15 minutes made all the difference.

145432_4c818df8e6This morning I left Brody and Elaine munching their breakfast (so I can slip out without them knowing) and walked to the starting line.  As I approached there was a Coyote waiting at the intersection.  He was about as big as Brody.  He just stood in the middle of the road – probably asking himself what a human was doing out of bed at 5:30a on a Sunday.  We stood looking at one another for about a minute or so and then I decided it was time to start running – its cold at that hour.  The coyote just watched as I took off down the road.

513471113_ace11540d2When I returned home my squirrel trap (they’ve been eating our rain gutters of late) had captured a Possum.  I’m not allowed to kill anything in our traps, my 17-year-old daughter would disown me, they all get released in Griffith Park.  I actually don’t mind the Possum as I consider them a native and I’ve never seen them cause damage (to my house anyway).  The poor little guy had been in the cage overnight and was not looking well.  He bared his teeth and revealed that he’d been trying to chew his way out. His beedy eyes blinked at me as if to say, “I’m nocturnal, can I go home now?”

They are odd looking creatures. A sort of overgrown rat.  I decided I didn’t want to transport him to the park and that he could stay in the yard but when I opened the cage he just sat there, his eyes continuing to blink at me.  After 5 minutes I poked his bum with a small stick and he finally wandered out.  Very slowly.  He stretched like a dog as he moved.  Once on the fence line he crept away into the vines.  I’ve since reset the trap to catch the evil squirrel eating my gutters and won’t leave it out overnight again.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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