Vibram 5 Fingers and a Blister

Picture 1I’ve logged a lot of miles over the last 6 months and have been really lucky when it comes to blisters.  Even a new pair of shoes and sole insert didn’t bother me.  As I’ve mentioned I’ve been running in the Vibram 5 finger foot protectors at the local high school track.  I can put in 5 miles easily on the grass infield and really enjoy those runs.  They are more or less painless as compared to the grind the longer runs on pavement have become.  The track can be fun if there is someone else running.  I try to pace off of them or sometimes lap them – of course I get lapped quite often by the High School athletes.  They’ll run past with ease then jaunt over to the bleachers and run the stairs a few times then lap me again all without seeming to break a sweat.  Meanwhile, I dodge the rain birds, mud puddles and recently to my surprise, horse dung!  Every lap I tick off I think to myself, damn kids think they’re so fast, watch this, and I hurdle over a puddle only to not clear it and splash mud up the inside of my thighs.   Right!  Remain focused in your own grassy infield world and ignore the kids…

I’m still struggling with shin splints and a tender knee on my left side.  Last week I started reading John Sarno’s book “The Divided Mind” and he asserts that my pain is from deep seeded rage hidden in my unconscious.  He says that my (or our as his theory affects us all) brain has devised ways to distract me from painful emotions by creating pain in the body. Basically, the ID is depriving my shin the proper amount of oxygen so that it hurts and I won’t be tempted to confront some nagging problem in my conscious mind. He claims to have healed 1000’s of people from back pain through his process of recognizing the strong emotions or situations that are causing unhappiness.  So, after x-rays, shoe inserts, massage therapy, an MRI and a visit to the Osteopath the tenderness and pain in my left shin must be psychosomatic, right?

Vibram_Five_Fingers_runningYesterday, I decided there was one thing I hadn’t tried physically and that was to run in the Vibrams on pavement.  I am relatively pain free on the grassy infield why wouldn’t I be on the road?  I ran 5 miles and was able to walk afterward!!  No knee pain and very little shin pain.  As warned by the guy who sold me these wonders of technology, my calves and butt muscles had been worked in ways they weren’t use to so they were a little tight – that kind of pain is tolerable.  The only real issue was a blister on the inside arch of my right foot.  I’ve since been to the drug store and have/will protect the area from now on.  I felt so good, I’m considering the 7 mile Bix in my foot protectors!  We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes.

I’m still very skeptical of this deep seeded rage theory but if Sarno has truly been successful in treating that many people there must be something to it.  If nothing else its interesting research and fun to talk about over a beer – of course it depends on who you are sharing that beer with…


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