Yesterday I ran three miles with the dogs.  I know I said I was done running with them but I woke up really early (4:30a) and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I figured they’d have to come with me if Barb and Cait had any hope of sleeping until the alarm clocks went off (the dogs bark and whine when I leave without them).  The run went okay – no one else was out at that hour so Brody only tried to pull me off my feet once or twice – I think he sees dead people…

Today I had a very early pick-up shoot on a personal project and felt that two days in a row of 4:30am running was a little much.  I was going to run in the heat of the day but have decided instead to lump the days together (no down day on Friday this week). Next week is a light training week so hopefully it all works out.  I’ll still make 20 miles!  Sleep is important too!!

I think we caught the chewing squirrel today!  He’s litterally been eating our house.  I set the trap again this morning and checked it at lunch. The little guy was in there!  Cait is home for spring break and caught the moment of departure.  He’s been relocated to an undisclosed location in Griffith Park and our house is taking a sigh of relief (the rumbling in the background is the neighborhood trash truck)

Squirrel Damage 01
Squirrel Damage 01
Squirrel Damage 02
Squirrel Damage 02


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