Treadmills and Crows

The Crows
A shot of the pool from a hotel postcard.

They are everywhere.  Most cities have pigeons Mumbai has crows. They are everywhere and many of the locals call them bandits as they steel food from picnics, patios and rooftops.

As you know I don’t like treadmills but I have to say if you’re forced to run on one the view from the windows of the Taj Landsend hotel gym couldn’t be much nicer.  The six treadmills face the courtyard surrounding the pool where a large deck of chairs and umbrellas dot the travertine tiled expanse.  The highlight of the pool is a large fake waterfall that drops from approximately 20 feet above the surface of the water.  It emanates from platform surrounded by rocks forming a small pool at the top.  At first glance it looks like something from a Vegas hotel.

Since I’ve been here I’ve put several miles on the treadmills and I’ve often thought about going for a dip in the pool.  The temps here have reached into the upper 90’s with humidity running as high so a swim seems like a good idea but as you look closer at what happens above the Vegas style waterfall you begin to have second thoughts.  It seems the crows of Mumbai have discovered that a refreshing dip really is the best thing on a hot day.

Hotel Gym

The miles tick by in Kilometers on the foreign treadmill and the birds bath in what is basically the pool.  Yesterday I watched at least 25 different birds going for full dips, shaking off and preening themselves on the waterfalls edge.

I’ve decided the pool is not for me, I’ll leave it for the birds.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406


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