The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly

Picture 1Los Angeles Times Newspaper man Jack McEvoy is downsized in the digital age.  Given two weeks to clear out his things and find employment in the shrinking world of traditional journalism, he stumbles across a murder case that he thinks might be a good subject for a novel.

What starts as a story about the wrongful arrest of a young gangbanger for the brutal rape and murder of an exotic dancer turns out to be just the tip of an iceberg that takes McEvoy from the Nevada desert to a futuristic data-hosting facility in Arizona. FBI agent Rachel Walling, with whom he worked on a serial killer case in 1996’s The Poet, soon joins the hunt, but as the pair uncover more about the killer and his unsettling predilections, they realize that they too are being hunted.

This book contains some pretty gruesome descriptions of what the killer does to his victims.  I would not recommend it to everyone.


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