The Quad-City Times Bix 7 is on Saturday

logoThis week I’ve run 13 miles in my Vibram Barefoot shoes and my legs, knees and attitude have improved immensely.  No longer am I hobbled by shin splints or worried my left knee is going to buckle under me.  Its really been an amazing transformation in just one week.  The last several weeks I’ve been really down about my leg and all the “drama” it has created in my running life.  I had begun to ask myself if I’d ever run a Marathon and saying things like, “What am I doing?!”  Thanks to these shoes, the only complaint I have is some muscle tenderness in my feet and of course my Achiles Tendons but those kinds of aches I can deal with.  I feel so good that I’ve decided to run the Bix 7 this weekend in my Vibrams!  It’s kind of a big decision but I’m confident I can make the 7 miles and it’ll be a fun conversation piece on race day.

This morning the Race sponsors sent this instructional video for their new ChronoTrack D-Tag timing system.  My shoes don’t have laces so maybe I should bring some tape? Should be an interesting challenge on the day.

Anyway, the weekend promises to be lots of fun, filled with Music, family, food and of course running!!  More later…


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tacoma, wa 98406


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