The Last Run in Milan

I ran my 5 mile route in Milan today and to my discontent my left shin started aching again.  I don’t know – could’ve been the 18 hour shoot day the day before.  Lots of standing around and waiting etc. but I’m really fed up with it.  I keep getting to a place where it feels good then back into the pain closet.  I gotta find a solution – soon!!

Last week when I checked into the hotel I was impressed by the castle that sits about 200 yards from my window’s view.  Built in the 12th century its housed, Austrians, Germans, French and a variety of Italian uprisings throughout the 700+ year history.  The last time it was destroyed was in 1943, during the height of WWII, when it was bombed by the Germans. From my window I could see a 4 story tall clock tower called The Filarete that overlooks the city, the hands in constant motion marking the time.  How long have those hands been there?  I doubt the Huns stopped to check their watches as they laid siege on the castle walls in 1531.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to walk through the grounds and visit the museum inside.  What a treat.  Built inside the castle the museum starts with a lesson in construction and façade treatment, followed by several galleries of art, tapestry and finally the weapons room where iron suits and swords are on display.  Winding up the staircase from this hall to the 2nd floor the museum display is of middle-ages figurines – I didn’t spend much time here.  Past that you can take a narrow passageway up to the top of the castle walls.  As I walked up the tunnel, that is well lit now, I could only imagine what it was like with no electricity and only torches to light the way.  The tube opens to a landing that then leads to another narrow staircase.  Again, modern man has installed a railing but its not hard to see that in earlier days, before OSHA, the staircase was most likely exposed.  Once on top of the wall the view is pretty good but I was taken by the narrowness of the walkway.  If you think about the equipment the old warriors carried there was very little margin for error – how many slipped to their ultimate embarrassment or demise?  I snapped a few shots and made my way to another passageway to an anti-room full of mid-evil musical instruments – now that was cool!

I’ve enjoyed Milan but won’t make it a destination on any tours I might take in the future – unless its just an afternoon walk through.  The city is more of an industrial business center rather than an art filled beautifully constructed European destination.


tom lowe photo, llc

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