The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

the-god-delusion I wanted a break from the noir of Harry Bosch and this certainly provided the means to that end.  Dawkins’ prose are sometimes easy to follow and at others a simple list of quotes from various historical figures or documents.  I kept wishing I had the book instead of the audio version because I wanted to re-read (repeat) a clause, paragraph or thought.  He’d probably suggest a re-listening of the entire thing!  None-the-less, Dawkins makes some very strong arguments for Darwin and natural selection through an extensively researched and pragmatic point of view.  Read by the Author and Lana Ward the audio version takes on a staged kind of presentation where I felt they approached this very trouchy but topical subject in a way that anyone can (should) read (listen) to this point of view.  I won’t get into what I believe or don’t believe here – will leave that to you, however, there are a lot of interesting discussions out there on this subject.  Here’s a link to one on Wikipedia – The God Delusion Debate.  Have fun!


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