The Black Ice by Michael Connelly

The_Black_IceI really enjoy these noir novels from Connelly.  The character Harry Bosch is a pitch perfect cross between Philip Marlow and (put your favorite TV detective here).  He’s always able to put the case together before I figure it out usually stumbling upon key evidence just when all hope seems lost.  The Black Ice follows Harry through the apparent suicide of one of his associates to the Mexican border town of Calexico and back.  All the while on the run from the Hollywood Detective Department, Mexican Drug Lords and an ex-girlfriend.

As I said earlier this month I wish I’d picked a different novel for Milan but in the end this one grabbed my attention and kept me going during the 12 mile “nature-call” run.  I’m looking forward to picking up Harry where I left him in the 3rd novel of this 15 novel series.


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