The 12th Century vs Modern Times

We’ve been scouting all over the city, visiting ancient cathedrals, three-hundred-year-old villas and medieval castles.  Today, the location manager told us a story about a parking lot being built in the city.  It was supposed to be completed last year but shortly after they started the crew ran into some ancient Spanish ruins.  The archeologists were called in and spent several months excavating and documenting the site and then cleared the contractor to continue digging.  A week later and several feet deeper, the backhoe tractors came across Roman ruins.  As the historians and scientists document the latest find the equipment outside the hole is collecting dust.

I marveled at the story, thinking how fast we Americans tear things down and whisk them off to the dump while in many parts of the world man has been building on top of old ruins for centuries.  Once an area is proven to be a successful place to live then other cultures decide the same – usually after some conflict.  I wondered what New York or Los Angeles would look like two or three hundred years from now.  Would the generation walking those streets wonder about us?  Find ruins containing iPhones or some other form of “ancient” communication?

Today we scouted the Visconti Palace with the most amazing fresco on the ceiling.   Our location manager said, “It’s ONLY 700 years old.”  Myself and the other Americans laughed and had to explain that we get excited in our country if a building lasts over 50 years!  I still don’t think the guy got what we were laughing at but joined in with us anyway.

Visconti Palace, Milan
Visconti Palace, Milan

I ran again today and was able to stay on course – about 8k – the map I brought along came in very handy during the run.  I got confused around Via Giotto again but found my way back to the hotel without too much trouble.   So far my legs are only a little stiff and the left calf tender but I feel pretty good.

The Google's Running Map, Milan
The Google's Running Map, Milan

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