Sunrise in Mumbai

Sunrise in Mumbai

To me, International travel is one of the great perks of my job.  I’ve shot in over 12 countries on 5 continents during the last twenty years and still find it exciting to wake up in a foreign land.  Some of the places I’ve been to I never want to go back and others are like old friends that beckon when you are lonely or just need to talk.  The time I shot in Paris, and found a whole day in my schedule to wander the cobblestone streets and experience the history and art that seeps from every weathered pore of the city’s fabric, I knew I’d return someday with family or friends to share the rich history.  When I did go back, it was my father who was hosting, and we lapped up the city’s vibrant food, culture and past with a veracity that any adventurous traveler would admire.

This morning I woke up in Mumbai after a 24 hour travel day.  We flew from Los Angeles to Dubai in 15.5 hours and then had a layover and another three hour flight to Bombay.  I’d been dreading the return to this city.  Six months ago during my last trip I ate too much curry and damaged my stomach.   I love the spice but it doesn’t love me.  By the time I left I’d lost almost ten pounds and was reduced to eating bland pasta from a pseudo Italian place near the editorial house.  I left thinking this place was one that I didn’t want to return to.

Our rooms are nice and each is complimented with a floor to ceiling window running the width of the room.  A motorized blackout shade helps to keep the light out during daylight hours and I’d lowered it when I climbed into bed.  When my alarm went off two hours later so we could attend a location scout, I pushed the button again and watched as the soft light of a Mumbai dawn chase the shade all the way to the top of the window frame.  Outside a huge crane perched atop a new skyscraper was backlit against the smoke filled dawn.  The diffused sunlight, an amber orange color, bathed the whole of my view with the warm hues of a summer afternoon.

My room came with complimentary fruit.  In more than one city, I’ve learned the hard way not to eat that fruit.  I decided a still life would have to do.  And as the sun rose higher and the crane with its workers went about their jobs several stories above the bustling streets I heard myself thinking, Hello Mumbai, thanks for a nice sunrise.


tom lowe photo, llc

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