Sore Soleus

Okay, we made 16 miles last week and the dogs are sleeping.  I mean the real dogs not my feet.  It was a great week with little to no pain in the calves or anywhere else.  Just a few issues with Brody and his incessant need to hide behind me everytime a car passes.  Overall, we had a great time on the road.

On Sunday, the beginning of week 4 of our training things started off very well then about 1.5 miles into the run the lower outside muscles in my left calf got a deep cramp.  The pain was sharp but I thought if I stopped I wouldn’t get going again so I pushed myself the rest of our 3 miles.  As I ran I discovered that I could relax my left foot some and that seemed to alleviate some of the uncomfortable tension.

When I got back to the house and got the dogs fed, I had some time to stretch and found that I couldn’t rotate the left foot too far forward without a lot of pain.  I sent Scott Browning a note and he suggested that I might have a tight Soleus muscle.


I’ve since done some research and agree.  The Soleus muscle is under the Gastrocnemius muscle and can be prone to tighten if its not stretched properly.  Tomorrow we have another 3 mile run and I’ll slowly and carefully stretch this baby before we head out.  There are a couple of approaches and I think I’ll try a combo of all three of the ones below.

I’m also using my Stick to roll-out the soreness (OUCH!) and once I get past the initial pain it does help a lot.  I’ll put some ice on it again tonight too.  NY here I come!

Calf Step Stretch
Calf Step Stretch
Soleus Stretch
Calf Stretch

I’m also going to use a calf support.  This is suppose to help with muscle tightness and pain.  My thought is that with the knee brace on the right leg my left leg is trying to compensate – unconsciously.  Kind of a moral support.  If I keep going like this I’ll look like a linebacker by the time the Marathon rolls around!!

Calf Support
Calf Support

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