Sore Shin and a Losing Lottery Pick

I had to throw in the towel this morning and take a down day.  My left shin just needs a break.  I’m disappointed but also concerned that if I don’t give it a chance to heal then I’ll really injur myself and be laid up for longer than a day or two.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow but I’m thinking I probably need the rest of this week as it is still aching.

ON another note, I did not get into the NY Marathon through the lottery.  Here’s the note:


The great thing is that I can still enter via a charity.  Now to pick one – that’ll be the challenge.  At least there are several to choose from.  As I sip a cup of green tea and elevate my shin on ice, I’m “shopping” for one now.  I’ll let you know the winner and probably add a paypal link for your easy support.



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