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Scheu Family Orange Grove, near Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, CA

The Scheu family has a long tradition of successful business ventures. Scheu Citrus is no exception to this rule. Decades ago the family took interest in saving frost exposed fruit by creating smudge pots for farmers to place in their groves. The thought was the smoke from the pots would encase the grove in a protective shell to help ward off the freezing temperatures. Their invention saved hundreds of family farms from inevitable bankruptcy and soon became a national industry standard.

The smudge pots have long since been replaced and through family innovation and technology the world’s fruit is now protected by highly sophisticated windmills and environmentally friendly heaters that are controlled through satellite communication from anywhere in the world.

The Scheu Citrus Farm is a testing ground for the new technologies. The hardships the family overcame in creating lush groves of citrus trees in the dry desert sands of Southern California exemplify their resolve to push the boundaries of possibility. Always testing, always improvising and always forward thinking Scheu Citrus is a beacon for entrepreneurs the world over.

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