Running with a cold!

I took four days off and couldn’t lay around any more.  There are only six weeks to the marathon and all this laying around with a fever and congestion was making me crazy.  By Saturday, the sniffling had pretty much stopped so I decided I’d sweat out the rest of whatever it was I had.  Ran 4 barefoot miles – very slowly but it felt good.  My breathing stayed pretty normal and only had one coughing fit after I stopped. Got home and passed out for a good 4 hours.  Too soon??

Little Green Man
Little Green Man

Slept horribly Saturday night so finally at 5:30 Sunday morning (too much napping) I got up, fumbled around in the dark for a while and then ran 14 miles at a 9:32 pace.  Felt really crappy for the first 5 miles but again decided to push.  Before this cold, my legs were lasting and my breathing was consistent on the long runs but 4 days off and the fever had taken a toll.  By mile eight I was exhausted and really wanted to stop but kept up the pace.  In an article from Runner’s World one runner said of exhaustion, “He’s a little green man that appears next to me and tells me to stop.  I just tell him to shut up and get out of my way.”

I don’t run with little green men but there’s is something to be said for calling the feeling out.  By mile 12 I really wanted to stop but kept looking at the Garmin, 5 thenths more, then another 5 thenths – “just run the course,” I kept saying.  Anyone passing me on the street must’ve thought I was a nutter… but I made it.

Today I’m paying the price, been hacking all day.  Could be the Santa Anna’s but I know it’s the remainder of this cold and the run yesterday.  All I want to do is sleep but there is too much to do for that.  Eight miles scheduled for tomorrow – we’ll see.

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