Running in Milan!

My leg is feeling much better.  Last week was supposed to be a 32-mile week and I stopped after 21 miles because of the shin splint in left leg.  This morning I was feeling pretty good so I got on the Googles map.  After 72+ hours without a run I thought I should ease back into it so plotted a 8k course – about 5 miles. From my hotel I ran south past the Castello Sporzesco through the city park behind it and up the Corso Sempione.  From there I turned east and meandered down some of the prettiest little boulevards and side streets working my way back to the park.

Thunderstorm over Castello Sporzesco
Thunderstorm over Castello Sporzesco

This project I’m on is shooting all over the city and one of the locations we need is a fountain with statues.  The company that is supporting us here keeps telling me we should be in Rome for statues.  As I came down Via Monte Rosa – another main drag here – I came across a fountain with some small statues and ran around it thinking it would be perfect.  It’s called Giulo Cesare Fountain and when we scouted it later in the afternoon I took some shots.  Turns out the client killed the vignette this evening so, no more fountain in the spot but it was a fun find.

Giulo Cesare Fountain, Milan
Giulo Cesare Fountain, Milan

Anyway, I got lost on the way back!  I didn’t notice that east side of the park has several roads going through it so took one and ended up running to another part of the city.  It was a nice tour but I had to ask this kindly old gentleman who was walking a dog how to get back to the Castello – he pointed in the opposite direction and said, “Avenue Boccacio!”  So I turned and ran in that direction and eventually made my way to the castle and the hotel.  According to the Googles I did more like 9.5k – so much for easing back into it.  I feel good tonight but have an early scout so will probably take a down day tomorrow.

Milan is a good town!


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