Running in the Rain by j.lovell
Running in the Rain by j.lovell

On Wednesday last week we had our first rain in I can’t remember how long.  My schedule called for 8 miles that morning and when the alarm went off at 5:15am the water was pounding our roof.  I’ve tried to run in that stuff before and as romantic as it sounds it’s a real pain!  You have so much to contend with, puddles, drivers trying to see you through their rain covered windshields, raging torrents in the sidewalk gutters, drivers who relish in splashing runners and small lakes in the intersections.  I checked the skies and decided to go back to bed.

When the alarm went off again at 7:30a the rain had subsided and I decided I could try it.  Eight miles at 9 minutes per is 72 minutes.  I could see that there was still a light drizzle falling and checked the radar on the laptop.  It looked like the heaviest parts of the storm had passed so out the door I went.  It was a great run, the drizzle got heavy at times but not to the point of ‘real’ rain.  By the time I finished I was drenched from head to foot but only had one or two places that I had to navigate the water.

Colfax Overpass, Studio City
Colfax Overpass, Studio City

One thing I really enjoy on days like this is crossing the LA river.  The river is really a cement aqueduct that winds its way through the city.  Encased in cement by the Army Corp of Engineers in the late 1930’s most days the river is a slow moving creek, however, when it rains it turns into a raging river that is several feet deep carrying the debris from months of dryness.  As it rolls under the over passeses it is not uncommon to see trees and other large plants tumble through the rolling water.  There is usually some poor soul who either falls in or is swept away trying to cross it.  I find it fascinating that the city had to ‘tame’ the river because it was constantly flooding.  That work was done at a time when those kinds of undertakings were not uncommon in our world.   Yet, in the words of Burt Reynolds from Deliverance, “you can’t tame the river.”  Some day, it’ll claim itself again but for now it’s cool to watch the furry flow through the neighborhood.


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