Post Marathon Blues

I’ve read a bit about this condition and tried to avoid it by scheduling a few races for the fall and a 1/2 marathon right after the New Year.  They say setting new goals is the key so I’m still training etc. but for whatever reason I can’t shake this “blah” feeling.  Dr. Jack Lesyk, director of the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology is quoted:

Some of the disappointment of the post-event letdown can be alleviated by knowing that it’s normal and to expect it. For months, your life has been organized around this singular goal. Now, suddenly it’s over and the disciplined, intensive efforts are no longer required.

This is the time to pause, reflect and enjoy other aspects of life that may have been neglected during intensive training. Sleep late; spend more time with family and friends. Do things you wanted to do but sacrificed for your training.

Runner’s World Magazine says that the key is to not allow for too much empty downtime.  In that effort, I’m taking a writing class and love being out in the mornings at sunrise for some mellow workouts – but after the runs I’m still “down.”  Anyway, I’m sure it’s a temporary thing but definitely more intense than the ‘blah’ after the LA Marathon – will take this weekend to sleep-late and enjoy the pool.

My right hamstring muscle is still pretty tight – and that too bums me out.  Maybe its time for a new pair of shoes!


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