ONE BREATH, by Adam Skolnick

One-BreathAdam and I met last year through a mutual friend. He’d seen my work from my on going project “The Crew” and liked it so asked that I take his portrait for the jacket cover of a book he was working on about Freediving and an athlete who’d recently died while competing by the name of Nicholas Mevoli.

We met at my studio and as we got into the photo session he began to tell me about the book. As he spoke I realized he had a very interesting approach to storytelling. It was kind of a reporter’s approach, factual but with just enough personal detail that I wanted more. Something else I noticed about him was that the subject matter seemed to have touched him in some genuine way that I found intriguing.

Last Tuesday (1/12/16), Adam’s book was officially launched on Amazon and last night was his first signing party. There were lots and lots of people and Adam gave us all the honor of reading from his new work. As he read it became clear that this book is unique. It’s not just an account of what happened to Nicolas and the sport of Freediving, it is also an eloquent, honest tribute to those who dare to push the limits of the human experience. It’s the first book signing I’ve been too that left the whole crowd in tears. It was a very memorable evening.

A great author and someone I can call a friend. Congrats Adam!

Get your copy of ONE BREATH at Amazon or through the book’s web page OneBreathBook. I’ve started reading it and can’t put it down!

Adam also did an NPR interview that you can listen to here.

Adam Skolnick at the book signing in Santa Monica, Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406


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