Nobody Move, by Denis Johnson


I actually finished this book prior to San Francisco.

I bought this book on Audible because I loved running with Michael Connely’s character Harry Bosch.  I thought what better way to keep the noir theme going.  About 3/4 of the way through I realized there was no way Johnson was going to wrap the story up – too many loose ends.  I was right.  This is a great novel with fun characters and some good writing.  If you like a good bad guys chasing bad guys story, this one is for you.  I of course went looking for part two and after a little research I came across this article in the NY Entertainment Magazine.  I guess I have to wait until its published or get a subscription to Playboy – oh well, I guess waiting isn’t so bad.

Denis Johnson Finally Gives Us a Reason to Buy ‘Playboy’

At last, Playboy is sexy again! Novelist Denis Johnson — whose magnum opus Tree of Smoke won the National Book Award last year and whose Jesus’ Son is a minor masterpiece — will write Nobody Move, a short serialized novel, for Playboy, starting in the July issue. Four 10,000-word segments will be written on deadline for the magazine, together making a noir novel in the spirit, according to Johnson, of Dashiell Hammett — but also of Charles Dickens, whose novels were written and published serially.  We haven’t been excited about an issue of Playboy since we miraculously were sold one in ninth grade at a gas station outside Madison. We wonder if we’ll still be as nervous when we buy this one on Friday.

But this time we really will be reading it for the articles!


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