We completed the 12 miles for the week on Saturday (3) and then started this week off with a five mile run on Sunday.  The three mile run was fun and seemed to end just as I was getting warmed up.  ON Sunday though – we got rained on and Brody was kind of uncontrollable.  He made it so much work that by the end I was ready to let him play in traffic.  I think I’ll keep his training to the lighter/shorter training days and leave him behind on the long runs.  His sister Elaine will be subjected to the same fate so no need for dog water bowls and backpacks after all!! After the 5 miler on Sunday I noticed that both knees and my hips were not feeling the best.  I stretched and rolled out the sore places but was disturbed by the growing pain.  Then I remembered what someone told me once, “If you joints start bugging you look at your shoes!”  So I did and then realized I needed a new pair.


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