I recently booked a project shooting in Mumbai, India.  I fly out today.  A 23 hour trip to get there that includes a layover in Dubai.

Deep cleansing breath.

This will be the longest plane ride I’ve ever encountered.  It should give me some time to read about Mumbai, the culture and what to expect.  I’ve been taking the Malaria meds for a day now and received over $1000.00 worth of other inoculations about two weeks ago.  My blood is toxic!  The fever and weak knees from the shots effected a few of my runs but I feel good.  Not looking forward to treadmill running again but I’ve purchased a book called “Zen and the Art of Running” by Larry Shapiro, PHD.  I’m hoping his wisdom will get me through the boredom of the treadmill.  I also picked up a footpod for the Garmin watch.  At least I won’t have to make the metric conversion on the machine.

More after I land in Mumbai…


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