MRI comes back negative!

For the last five days I’ve been in a real funk.  I kept asking myself, why did I run in Milan (should have stopped when the leg hurt so bad)?  Could this have been avoided with a trainer?  How long do bones take to heal?  Where is Carman San Diego??  The last one was just a joke.

This morning my Osteopathic Physician called to say that the MRI is negative.  No broken bone! She blames all the pain on overtraining and my overly flat feet.  I explained that yesterday the leg was tingling and I’d hoped it was because the blood was flowing though the tight muscles again.  She agreed and then suggested I see a Podiatrist (a colleague) for a pair of prescription shoe inserts.

I’ve called him and made the appointment for the week of July 13.  In the meantime I’m going out to try the barefoot thing again.  Its the best I’ve felt on a run in a long time and still think it holds the key.  Planning to give my leg at least two more days though.  Will be back after that run.

Thanks to all those who keep giving me support.

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