mojave national preserve, artist in residence

Family Outing

I have been selected as a 2013 Artist in Residence for the Mojave National Preserve and will pursue my theme, “Mojave Moonlight.”

I intend to capture the Mojave in a series of images using moonlight as a main source of luminance.  Exposing the extraordinary beauty of the desert at night with the hope of evoking some emotional range. The finished prints may kindle in the viewer the isolation of loneliness or capture a moment of contemplation, perhaps elicit a peacefulness in the tranquility of the desert floor or even arouse empathy with the desolation of night.  Moonlight provides a muted color palette and I intend to use this subtlety to further elicit an emotional attachment to a landscape.

Photography begins October 2013, with a gallery opening in Spring 2014.

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