Mojave Moonlight, Excerpt from book

Cone_MoonriseIt is extremely dark when the moon is not out – I know that’s shocking to read!

Just after sunset, as I climbed the rocks to my first location a pack of coyotes began baying.  Their yelps and howls amplified as they echoed off the sheer walls of the canyon below.  The loneliness conveyed in their cries would send chills up the spine of even the most intrepid explorer.  Primal and raw, something about that sound always connects me to the wilderness.  Even on the rare nights I’ve heard it within the confines of the Hollywood Hills. The melodious wailing of a dog pack working together for dinner brings pause enough to reflect on how close my car is to make an escape.

In the blackness, a light breeze replaced their whining cries with the wispy tickling of grasses dancing against one another.  Peering into the dead of night I could only make out the glowing lights of Needles, NV on the horizon.  To make sure my “friends” weren’t talking about me as their next meal I began singing out loud The Who’s, Baba O’Rielly, “…out here in the fields, I fight for my meals…” that would scare any beast (and most humans) away.

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