Membership Blues…

We ran three miles today on our way to a 17 mile week.  The new shoes rock!  So far no pain in the knees or hips.  Brody did much better this morning – he likes the runs short and sweet.

Back on February 27, I joined the New York Road Runners (NYRR).  According to the Marathon web site you must be a member in order to apply for a spot in the race.  This was easy enough and about 10 days later I received a membership number, only it came with a note exclaiming, “Thank you for renewing your NYRR membership.”  I’ve signed up for a lot things but never the NY Marathon or the NYRR.  I was a little confused but thought it was a simple clerical error and hoped it’d help me in the marathon lottery so I didn’t complain. I figured I’d sign up for the race that week.

The following day I received another membership number!  This one came with a note saying, “Welcome to NYRR.”  Now I was concerned because I knew this spelled trouble so I called the NYRR office to see if I could straighten out the confusion.  I spoke to very nice woman there who promised to help me with the Membership department.  I sent her an email with both numbers and a brief history of my situation.

About 4 days later I received ANOTHER membership number!  I tried to sign in using this newly created number but the site claimed I had to contact the NYRR offices because my identity could not be found.  This is the call I made to them.


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