Loose Calves!

Back from Utah.

ON Saturday I met Scott Browning in Salt Lake City.  I flew up for the weekend to visit my father who is recovering from a bad sinus infection.  He’s doing fine and will see some specialists this week.  As I mentioned before, Scott is a personal trainer.  After sharing this blog with my dad he forwarded it to Scott who took an immediate interest in my desire to finish the NY Marathon and to some of the issues I’m having with tight muscles – specifically my calves and foot cramps (see comments).

We invited Scott over for lunch and after a nice meal he was kind enough to treat the muscles in question and show me some new massage and stretching methods.  Because of his advice and treatment, I can tell you my run was great today.  I had not tightness below the knee and the calves remain loose and pain free this afternoon.  I’m so excited!  I was really concerned that I’d done something stupid but it turns out it was all about blood flow to the muscles.

Scott suggested that I purchase a Stick.


As you can see in the photo its a massage tool.  It will increase the flow of blood to muscles.  I purchased the Marathon Stick from the ShapeUpShop.com.  It should arrive this week.

In addition to showing me how to massage my calves he also took a look at my right knee.  While on the Target shoot I ran up and down the hills of Elysian Park for the better part of 4 hours – at least 12 trips or more.  Our film crew then moved to the Santa Monica Pier where we filmed for approximately another 5 hours.  While on the pier my right knee really started to hurt and by the end of the day it was so swollen and so tight that I had difficulty walking and bending it.  Scott determined that I need a Dual Cho-pat Knee Strap


This thing applies pressure on the tendon above the kneecap as well as the Patella Tendon below it.  I grabbed a strap on the way home from the airport yesterday and am happy to report that my right knee gave me no problems this morning!  Kind of wierd running with the strap but I’ll get use to it

Only three miles today but I felt great!  Will go for 4 tomorrow morning… Thank you Scott!


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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