I’m a Marathon Entrant!

After a down day yesterday I ran three miles today and felt really good.  Only slight stiffness in my troublesome left calf.  I realized about halfway through the run that I’d not done the stair stretch before leaving so I’m pretty sure that was the issue.  I rolled it out with the stick and its much better this afternoon.

nyrrconlineThe other good news is that I was finally able to enter my name in the NY Marathon.  As I’ve posted here before this has been a challenge because for some reason I was issued three separate membership numbers.  Yesterday I was able to get a hold of the person in charge of memberships at NYRR and she ‘fixed’ the problem.  Since I’m a first timer I will be entered into a lottery for a position in the race.  The selection process takes place this June.  If I don’t get in that way then I can guarantee myself a position if I run for a charity.  I’ve already begun to think about for whom I’d like to run.

ON the Brody front.  He did well this morning on the dual leash.  Elaine, who has spent the last 6 months running on my right side was a little confused but after a few blocks decided it was okay to be in her new position – to the left of me and the left of Brody.  With him stuck between us he was much better!  He made several attempts to pull his lurching and running behind antics but because Elaine and I were locked in step with one another he was unable to perform his maneuvers.  I like running with them and will try this the rest of the week.  If he continues to improve then maybe we can keep training together.


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