Happy Valentines Day!

Well, its official.  I have a marathon blog.  Not sure why I’ve decided to do this but maybe by keeping a public journal I can actually complete my first marathon.  I’ve also decided that the first one should be in an interesting city so I’ve chosen New York.  The applications start next week.  According the site, if I run for charity then I’m guaranteed a spot.  More on that later…

Today is a rest day for me.  I’ve been averaging 15 miles a week for the last month.  I figure I have about 40 weeks to train so I’m hopeful. I also plan to shoot some vLogs as I go and post them here.  Stills might be harder but maybe a before and after could be kind of fun – then again…  The goal with this whole thing is to see if I can really do it at 47 years old.  I’ve always love a challenge.  See you on the roads!!


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