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Yesterday was a short three mile run to complete our 17 mile week.  Brody is becoming increasingly difficult.  I don’t know if its due to the extra miles and therefore extra exposure to the environments that scare him or my frustration level with his antics.  He pulls, jumps around on the leash, runs behind me to get to his sister on the other side ultimately tripping me on his way around and god forbid there be anyone else outside.  I’ve toyed with putting a muzzle on him but that won’t “solve” his fear issues.  So, today I picked up a dual leash (see photo) in the hopes he can find solace between Elaine and I while we are out.  I have avoided this to this point because it puts both dogs on one side and if we confront another dog or evil squirrel then I worry about being able to control both dogs on what will become one leash.  More on this as this week proceeds.

Dual Leash
Dual Leash

We’re on our way to 18 miles this week.  I ran six miles today, without the dogs!  It was wonderful not having to pull, plead and conjole Brody-man around the block.  This was the first run without them since I started training and it reminded me how much I enjoy running.  If things don’t improve with him then I think he may be rellogated to playing fetch for his exercise.



As I talked about earlier I’ve taken to trying some energy drinks and gels.  Trainers and coaches recommend trying these during your build up to the marathon so you get a sense of what works and what doesn’t.  I filled my water bottle with the HEED energy drink and took one gel (Banana Flavor) for the halfway point.  What an amazing difference.  My legs never felt heavy, I never felt exhausted and I had energy at the ‘finish-line.’  I think some of it was the light load (no dogs) but it was my body having fuel to burn too.  And so far, the recovery from this morning’s workout has been painless.

I’m a convert!


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