Going Home Today

Wulumuqi Sunset

This trip was a blast and very successful.  The client and agency are excited about the footage and we made some new friends.  We went from the dusty roads of the Gobi desert to a mine in the highlands above it and finally to the snowy forest of Tulufan.  Some of these experiences I will remember until I die, others will fade as time passes but most of all the people will remain with me. It seems forever and a day since I was home and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Barbara (my wife) and a regular western diet but these tough and resilient people possess an overall happiness that I envy in the turmoil of modern life.  Their government is nothing if not brutal in its totalitarianism yet they persevere and smile through it all.  Emamu’s crazy antics and maniacal laugh kept us entertained throughout.

This video sums up his personality:


Here’s another small taste of the journey.

[cincopa AIHA5XqBTEPZ]


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