Goats and Snow

It is cold here in Northern China.  Snow came early so our production support team are scrambling to find snow free locations.  It’s a challenge so we’ve been forced to drive several hundred miles from our base in Wulumuqi to find them.  So far, I’ve enjoyed seeing more of the country.  It’s mostly farming interspersed with industry but the two don’t seem to be meeting in the middle of the road.  There’s a real disparity between the new and the old.  Sheep and Goat herders push their animals down the paved roads as large semi trailers ramble by honking their horns hoping the animals get out of the way.  Huge windmills rotate over the small mud huts and farming communities and the construction of a high speed bullet train goes on for miles across the Gobi desert cutting through ancient camel crossings.  It’s as if the industrialized side of the people took a fifty year leap in development and the old China was left behind.

Goats in the snow
Flag on the Highspeed Railway
Goat herder almost gets runover.

tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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