Down Day to recover…

I guess I was more tired than I allowed myself to believe.  It usually takes me two or three days to recover from a shoot.  Target productions are always long and hard days.  Well we wrapped on Thursday and then I went to Utah and never really took the time to “recover.”  Today, I slept and slept instead of running!  In reading some stuff in Runners World magazine about sleep and rest it seems that it is almost as important as putting in the miles.  I tell you – I can really tell the difference this afternoon. Its not going to be a dirge to the pillow tonight.  I have energy today!  It’s so nice.  Anyway, I still have two days to complete the 7 miles I owe this week, so 4 tomorrow and 3 on Saturday.

Brody and Elaine are going with me tomorrow afternoon to try on a backpack dog pouch.  Caitlin keeps laughing at us.  She says Brody will NEVER go for it.  I fear she may be right so I thought I should take him for a fitting.  We’re going to the Petco in our neighborhood – I’ll try to get Barb to film the excursion.

Oh, I tried the Stick last night before bed.  I had very little tightness in my legs when I finally rolled out.

Gotta drink some water for tomorrow’s run!


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