Double Rainbows highlight a rare damp and moody desert afternoon

Double Rainbows highlight a rare damp and moody desert afternoon

Every once in a while the stars align and you find yourself in the right place at the right time. On a recent adventure to Arches National Park the skies turned dark as a large system of thunderclouds invaded the pristine blue of the Southern Utah desert skyline. Soon, the iconic crimson floor of this desert was wet with rain. Puddles formed in the ancient bowls on the buttes and small creeks began to flow over the dry windswept depressions. Flash floods are always a concern in these kinds of storms but as often happens this time of year, the rain moved fast and was over before it really began. The clouds receded to the east as fast as they arrived from the west. The sun to peeked under the clouds just before sunset and illuminated the desert in an explosion of color. As the rain continued to fall and simultaneously evaporate it refracted the sunlight in a spectacular double rainbow.

Printed in large scale this limited edition image is now available. Call or send me an email with your inquiries.

windows road double rainbow
windows road double rainbow – Arches National Park, UT




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