Disastrous 8 mile run!!

Ugh!!!  I woke up this morning after a full nights rest – YAY, NO MORE JET LAG!!  I was very excited about hitting the road as I felt the barefoot running had solved a lot of my form issues.  The left calf was particularly tender though and after 3 miles I had to stop and stretch.  My right hip was killing me too.  I spent about 10 minutes leaning on a street sign pole trying every stretch I knew on the calf and some gentle stretching on the hip.

When I started running again I gimped along.  This was back in sneakers as I don’t think my legs and feet are ready to barefoot it on pavement.  As I ran I had shooting pains in the calf muscle and by mile 8 (around the corner from the house) I had to stop again.  I literally limped home and called the doctor.  ENOUGH!!


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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