delhi day 1

hello from delhi

Hi from India.

Delhi is much cleaner compared to Bombay.  A metropolitan city.  It is still an experience though. The smells and sounds of the street that waft through the air ride on the waves of monsoon humidity that wrap you in the warm embrace that can only be called India.  I’m working with an Indian based director named Nitish and his producer Baba.  We spent the day looking for locations so spent a lot of time walking through neighborhoods and scouting people’s homes.  I was told we were in a typical middle class area and it felt like it.  There are no lawns of course and the insistent car/bike horns grow to a deafening background beat as the traffic pulses along through the city.  No one drives in a straight line or sometimes even on their side of the road yet somehow it works.  In a city of 13 million I guess it’s part of how they all get along.

Like Chile, the dogs are everywhere.  A ubiquitous tribe of four legged adventurers combing the sidewalks and roads for their next meal. This puppy licked my GoPro lens and seems to be waving hello. I’ve also included a short clip of another dog who made it safely across the road.

dog navigation

More to come.




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