Day before Target Shoot

Woke up this morning to overcast skies but it was warm.  Today was supposed to be a down day but I decided to run because of the three day shoot starting tomorrow.  It’ll mean 14 hour days dawn to dusk so I thought I’d better get in a few miles.  We started out wanting to run 4 but only made 3.  My left calf started squelching.  Similar to the right calf last week.  I think its just my body getting use to all the excercise.  I’ve been stretching for 10-15 minutes after the runs but haven’t concentrated much on the calves.  Will add that to the routine as it seemed to help last week.

My father suggested I  speak to his trainer about the Marathon.  I’ll give him a call after the shoot.

Brody was a huge pain today.  Nearly pulled me over twice – squirrels!  Maybe he needs a lobotomy…

Will be back after Target!  Here are the boards for anyone who’s interested.




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