Day After Target

Sorry for the late posting.  I wrote this prior to the weekend.

I’m flying to Salt Lake City today to visit my Dad.  He’s been under the weather for the last couple of months and I thought it’d be fun for him to have some additional support.  Mom is very excited.  My brother Steve is going to join me – it should be a good weekend.

I ran 4 miles yesterday prior to going to the last day of the Target shoot.  While on the set my right knee swelled.  I think it was due to the hills at Elysian Park.  I’ve never had an issue with my knees and am kind of shocked.  When I got home last night is was really swollen – even had trouble bending it and forget about walking normally.  The swelling has subsided this morning and I can put pressure on it again but there’s a “click” inside.  Needless to say (probably) I won’t be running for a few days.  I’m meeting with Scott Browning – my parents trainer – on Saturday.  I hope he can provide some advice.

The shoot went well!


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