Day 9 – 250 days to NYC!

So its been a few days since I’ve written (it was due to work!) but the running has continued.  We did three miles on Saturday and five miles on Sunday.  Sunday’s run was a long one.  I got really tired about mile 3 but came back strong around mile 4.  I’ve been really surprised by the length of time it is taking my body to adjust to this.  I used to be able to run 5 miles without too much trouble but that was 10 years ago – can your body really change that much??  I think I was a lot more out of shape than I knew.  At least the breathing issues seem to have subsided now its about building some stamina.

Today we did four miles and my right calf started screaming at me.  I stopped at the 2.5 mile marker and stretched it for about a minute and was able to complete the run but this afternoon the darn thing is telling me its there.  I’ll keep stretching but I’m concerned.  Tomorrow is a down day so hopefully the calf works its way through whatever is going on.  Maybe its time to spring for a new pair of runners.

Cait says she’ll get up to film us on our run this weekend!  That should make for some interesting video…


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