Day 25 – 233 until November 1

Ran four miles yesterday and two more today in an attempt to make the 16 total this week.  That means four more tomorrow and three on Saturday!!

Scott Browning is a miracle worker!  My calves are loose and feet uncramped.  I’m really getting into this again!  The stick arrived today and I’m looking forward to massaging the rest of my leg muscles.  I’ve also picked up a waste band to carry water and sports gel for the longer runs that are coming.  I’ll start wearing the band regularly so I get use to it.

I’ve also picked up a collapsible bowl for Brody and Elaine.  I haven’t figured out how they are going to join me on those long runs but when I do they’ll need some water to make it.  Maybe there’s a restaurant with a hose in the back or maybe they’ll have to carry their own water!!  I’m liking something like this:

The Palisades Pack
The Palisades Pack

There’s the option to run 5 miles and make the end point our house – leave them and go the rest of the way without pups!  Cait doesn’t like that idea – says they’ll want to be with me.  I’ve got a couple of weeks to work this out.

More later…


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