Comcast Under The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge in SF
The Bay Bridge in SF

I took this shot with my Blackberry phone.  It’d been raining all day on us (we needed sunshine for the shoot) and at the end of the day the sun came out and highlighted some amazing scenery around the bay.  I ran 6 miles that morning (Wed) and I think I was still soaked to the bone.

Because of the rain we’ve added another shoot day and this morning (Thurs) is a Blue Bird day!  Tweet! Tweet!  Nothin’ but blue skies as far as you can see.  It should be very good for filming today.

Heading home tomorrow.  Will stop to say hello to Megan (my daughter) in Santa Cruz.  She has no classes on Fridays this quarter and we’ve planned a nice lunch.  Gotta get to the set.  More later…


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tacoma, wa 98406


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