Bo and President Obama jog together.
Bo and President Obama jog together.

I’m sure most of you have seen this photo already.  A boy and his dog.  A moment of freedom from the business of the day.  Michael Shaw at the Huffington Post thinks that this photo could become one of those iconic kind of shots for this president’s term.  He writes:

There are all kinds of interesting elements here. Bo running free, though leashed. Obama and the dog clearly relating to one another, Obama looking back — already creating a bond with the puppy. And especially, the new President at full sprint — completely off the ground.

One thing the photo does — playing off an almost timeless domestic activity: running with your dog — is to capture Obama thoroughly free of his often more self-contained manner.”

With all the things that are going on in the world, our economy, the strife in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea walking away from the nuclear talks and a myriad of other issues facing this president I think this shot does tell the story of a guy not all consumed by his undertaking.  And isn’t that a good thing?  Shouldn’t we want a leader willing to take a break once in a while?  I can’t count the number of times I think that running another 3 or 4 miles isn’t in my best interest but I do it anyway and then realize it was the perfect antidote to the ‘all consuming problems’ in my own life.

This shot is similar to one of Kennedy running on the beach with his dog Freckles (also posted on Huff Post) and when put in context I think they both say the same thing, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”  It’s a good message in today’s troubled times.  My dogs will have to wait a while longer.  We’ve been working in the backyard after I return from my runs (4 miles today) and Brody is still testing his limits.  In the meantime, I’m clocking the miles and patiently coaxing him toward recovery.  One day soon we’ll hit the pavement again and all enjoy a moment of freedom.

Freckles with JFK
Freckles with JFK

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