Arrived Shanghai

Arrived last night after 18 hour travel day.  We had to go through Seoul, South Korea on KAL to get here.  Shanghai is overwhelmed for the next month with the World Expo.  Coming in from the airport at night was treat.  The whole area, about the size of downtown Salt Lake City only there’s a river running though the middle of it, was lighted by projection screens and neon advertising the various corporate attendees.  The freeway courses it’s way through the city and over a long suspension bridge that was also putting on a light show.  I was reminded, a little, of Las Vegas but in a slightly less audacious way.  We hope to find an hour one of these days to run over and check out the scene.

The hotel is very nice.  My only complaint, and its a small one, is the bathroom is covered with floor to ceiling windows that look out into the city.  Last night, jet lagged and exhausted, I went in to take a shower and wondered if I was putting on a show.  I really didn’t care at that point so washed off and then crawled into bed.  This morning I discovered that there are roll down shades – still see though but I wondered if they were supposed to be down last night.  Welcome to Shanghai!

The view from my bathroom.

Off to a day of production meetings.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406


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