Apollo 11 @ 40

Picture 2I’m a NASA geek.  I watch the channel whenever the guys are up there on a shuttle mission, tune in for all launches and get excited about the international space station when they complete some experiment or launch a new drinking water system.  Today Astronauts Dave Wolf and Tom Marshburn are spacewalking around the station working on the KIBO laboratory while astronauts inside the station are playing plumbers to repair the station’s toilet.  However, today’s biggest event is the anniversary of the first moon walk by Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969.

One of Buzz’s experiments while on the surface of the moon was to test his gate – the width of his step.  He spent some time trying to jog but found the suit very confining and resorted to skipping in the 1/6th gravity.  He could cover a lot more ground that way.  It was to become the way all future Astronauts would walk (hop) on the moon.

Today’s anniversary and the fact that we now have an international space station orbiting the earth are a testament to man’s acheivements in space and an inspiration to millions.  Dream beyond what is possible!!


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