An X-Ray and Possible Stress Fracture

Left Leg x-ray taken June 24, '09
Left Leg x-ray taken June 24, '09

Oh boy!  Here we go…

When I started this adventure I thought of all the things I could do this year that would be one of the least expensive, fun and challenging.  Running!!  Always wanted to run in a marathon and I’m not getting any younger, why not?  The biggest expense will be the shoes and I already had a pair.  Now after months of trying 100’s of dollars of shoe inserts, lotions, massage devices, dvd’s etc. Here I am with what the doctor is calling a stress fracture!!  Ugh!  Caused most likely by running too much on pavement – or over training.  I’m blaming the bad running form.

The stress fracture is not confirmed but all indications point to that diagnosis.  I had an MRI done on Friday and will get results tomorrow (Monday 6/29).  In the meantime, I’ve had this x-ray done and my Osteopathic Physician told me to put ice on it and NOT TO RUN!

I’m now on day four of icing, elevating and treating the leg tenderly – I hate not running but have to heal.  I asked how I could have run on the grass the day before and she attributed it to the soft surface.  I’m so disappointed and hope this doesn’t take long to take care of itself.  Will let you know what the MRI results are.  Fingers crossed the diagnosis it wrong!


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