A Tour of Mumbai

Yesterday we went for a short tour of Mumbai.  It was really interesting and as many of the people I spoke to about coming here, “in your face.”  I shot a bunch of photos and am kind of torn about what to present.  Exploiting poverty is an issue here and since all I’m doing is showing some of my experience I guess it’s not really exploitation.  Still, if I were to have someone shoot photos of my family and post them to a blog…

Malcolm was our tour guide.  The photo of he and Jim was taken at Leopold Cafe, the site of one of the terrorist attacks a couple of years ago.  They’ve preserved the bullet holes in the windows and walls.  We ate with a group of Delta Airline Steward Persons (see group shot).  Funny to run into them there and share some of our western experiences.

Anyway, here’s a slide show.

[cincopa 10613236]


tom lowe photo, llc

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