A curried stomach

Shopping locals

We’ve been told by the locals to avoid the tap water.  That means close your mouth when you shower, use bottled water to brush your teeth, no ice in your drink and no leafy green vegetables because guess where they are washed.  I’ve done pretty well with this practice but yesterday morning while still half asleep I was taking my anti-Malaria medication and out of habit took a long drink of tap water.  We’ve installed a filter on the water at our home in Studio City so my family and I drink LA water to avoid the pollution and contaminants from plastic bottles.  Halfway through the glass the words of the locals roared in my ears and I realized my mistake.  I stopped drinking immediately but it was obviously too late.  All I could do is cross my fingers that the filter on the hotel was good enough.  I also thought the dyoxacylin for Malaria would kill just about everything.

I was lucky.  So far no worries on the tap water drink but I have to stop the curry for a few days.  My insides cannot take the spices.  Three days of lunch and dinner and I’m in pain.  I’d just about kill for a big salad but have found an Italian place that serves spaghetti bolognese.  I think it may become a staple in my diet.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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