A 20 Mile Week!

Wow.  I can’t believe I made it.  My knees are saying the same thing.  I ran 4 miles today to complete the 20 mile week and other than some dull aches I’m feeling pretty good.

When I started this adventure I wasn’t really pushing the stretching at the end of my runs.  I felt like the shorter mileage wasn’t straining my muscles to the point of needing to take another 10-15 minutes of “working out.”  Recently, I’ve been reading some articles in Runner’s World about how much post run streching can help with sore muscles.  As a result, I’ve taken to stretching after the runs and its made a huge difference – I know, what a shock!  For anyone interested here’s the RW stretching site – Stretching for Runners

stick100The other thing saving my legs is the Stick.  I posted about this in early March but the 10 minute roll-out on my legs every evening before bed gets the blood flowing to the tight calves and makes a big difference.  This little device was worth every dime.

Brody and Elaine seem to have adjusted to the new morning routine.  They get breakfast before I leave the house and we play fetch after I’m done stretching upon my return.  We’re going to begin walking in the evenings.  I want to get them back on their leashes and out in public because I think they really enjoy it.  Maybe without the goal of milage pushing us down the road we can all relax a little.  I’ll let you know…


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