30 Mile Week and some Nutrition

Okay, I did 9 miles on Sunday, 5 miles yesterday and 6 today. Tomorrow is another 6 miles followed by a down day and then an easy 4 miles on Saturday. It seems like a lot of running and I guess it is but I’m not feeling it like I used to. I use to have a lot of leg pain, struggle to get moving in the mornings and the biggest hurdles were the mid-afternoon doldrums. I still get those every so often but not on a daily basis.  I’m convinced its due to the Recover Rite from Hammer and the food intake prior to running.

I’ve started to eat a little before I run. It’s not a lot but I don’t find myself pushing to the end of the long runs anymore. I got the dietary advice from Runner’s World – I’m not crazy about this woman’s ‘bedside manner’ but the information is good.

Runner’s World Dietitian.

I have started drinking a small fruit smoothie and eating half a granola bar before my runs.  I’ve also played a little with a piece of toast and some juice but had better luck with the smoothie combo.  The trick is not eating/drinking too much.  If you do then you could get cramps or as I have, hear the food sloshing around in your stomach.

I’ve also been playing with my running form.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t be messing with it without a trainer but I bought a DVD on Chi Running and the principals are easy to follow and seem to make sense.  I tried it this morning and can feel the difference.  My hip joints don’t ache and my knees don’t feel like they’re going to buckle everytime I go around a corner.  I plan to keep playing with my posture and cadance to see if it helps further.  More later on all of the above!


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