3 Short Miles Around The Palace

Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial (courtesy of Flickr)
Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial (courtesy of Flickr)

Because the airlines have no direct flights from Milan to LA one is forced to layover in a variety of cities depending on the carrier you travel.  I flew on British Airways so on the way back I had an opportunity to stop in London and visit with some old friends.  They are members of the RAF Club and we’ve tried on several occasions to meet at this establishment.  The building sits on Piccadilly Street across from St. James Park so I booked a room around the corner at the Mayfair Hotel.  We met for drinks and a very relaxing meal at the club and I was back in my room by midnight.

As I mentioned, I was close to St. James Park which is adjacent to Buckingham Palace.  At 5:30 the next morning I put on my running shoes and went for a jog.  As the first glimmers of sunshine hit the top of her majesty’s home I patted across the front gates.  It was really cool because I was the only person (other than a few random guards) on the sidewalk outside at that time.  I should’ve brought my camera!  My plan was to loop around the palace and back through the park a few times so I could get 5 miles in before the 9 hour plane ride to LA later that morning.  As I’m beginning to grow wary of, my left shin decided not to cooperate.  The hard cement, my form or just ‘cuz, it hurt so bad that I had to stop after what I guessed was about 3 miles.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but wow – I’m over it!!

Still loved running past the Palace and in the park.  What a pretty morning – too bad it got ruined.  Maybe being back on the home turf will help!


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